Tuesday, 14 June 2011


Rice – 1 cup
Urad dal – 1/3 cup
Methi seeds – 1 tbspn
Puffed rice – ¼ cup

Cooking Method:
  • Wash and soak rice and urad dal separately. Add methi seeds urad dal. Soak them for 6 hours min.
  • Grind them separately as well. Before 5 min of grinding add puffed rice to urad dal. Urad dal mixture should be grinded finely and rice should be like semolina structured ( not fine).
  • Then mix them and keep overnight.
  • The mixture turns bubbly. Then you can put in the idli maker and steam them for 10 mins. Serve hot
Things to be considered:
  • Before making idlis make sure the batter has turned bubbly. If not add 1 or 2 pinch of cooking soda (bi-carbonate soda).
  • Rice and urad dal should be soaked separately otherwise the idli will not be good.
Serving Suggestions:
Serve with Sambar and coconut chutney.

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