Saturday, 9 April 2011

Carrot Halwa

Carrot- 2 cups grated
Sugar- ¾ cup
Milk- 1 cup
Cashewnuts- 4 or 5
Raisins or dry grapes- 10
Ghee or butter(melted)- 2 tbspn
Cardamom powder- ½ tspn

Cooking Method:
  • Heat 1 tbspn of ghee in a kadai or vessel. Fry the cashewnuts and dry grapes. Keep aside
  • Add the remaining ghee to the same vessel and add grated carrots.
  • Fry till the carrot is soft. (it also changes its color to very light orange)
  • Then add sugar. Stir till it all melts.
  • Then add all the other ingredients and boil. Boil it till all the milk disappears.
  • Taste it now and u can add some more sugar if necessary.

Serving Suggestion:
Can be served hot or later as desserts. Tastes good however.

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